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We are your one stop shop for all things asphalt. We provide the services you need from excavation and grading to paving or asphalt maintenance. Our company also creates beautiful stone and gravel drives and private roads. Reach out to us today for any paving needs.

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We are proud to be an American 4th generation company here in Torrington, Connecticut. Our founder came here from Italy with nothing and started the business, and we are proud to still be here working, providing quality and honest service for the community, and employing people.

Our founder, Joseph Fragale Senior, came from Italy to America with nothing. He started digging and doing driveways in the 40’s part time as he also worked at the Brass Mills in Winsted, CT. He was kept in CT during World War II because he was essential to the Brass Mills. Joseph kept working on his business and eventually grew it enough to do it full time. He began doing paving and landscaping work full time, and then transitioned to just paving. His son, Joseph Fragale Junior, came into the business working summers and weekends during high school. When he graduated from Oliver Wolcott Technical High School, he became a carpenter and then later returned to work with his father full time in the family business.

The company became incorporated in 1968 as J. Fragale & Sons Paving, and they focused solely on asphalt paving. Daniel Fragale, graduated from Oliver Wolcott Technical High School and went on to then work with his father full time in the family business in 1987. They worked together until Joseph retired. History repeats itself as Jacob Fragale began helping with the family business at the age of 10. Once he graduated from Oliver Wolcott Technical High School, he went to work with his father full time, and they now operate our company together with our wonderful employees.

We can’t stress enough that if it weren’t for our amazing employees and support system, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do today. Our team is essential to the business and has helped us out greatly over the years. Even the contractors we have worked with are excellent. We enjoy working in the community and giving back because it has been the people here that help grow the business. Our community relationships allow us to grow and do what we do.

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Want to learn more about our history? Check out this excerpt from AsphaltPro Magazine!

“When Joseph Fragale Senior emigrated from Italy to the United States in the 1920s, he arrived “with nothing but a strong back and a work ethic,” said Jake Fragale, the fourth generation behind J. Fragale & Sons Paving Inc., Torrington, Connecticut.

By the 1940s, Fragale Senior started paving driveways part time while working at the Brass Mills in Torrington, Connecticut. “A lot of driveways and roads were still gravel when my great-grandfather started the business,” Fragale said. As asphalt driveways became increasingly popular, Fragale Senior was able to grow the business until it was successful enough for him to quit the mill.

Soon, his son, Joseph Fragale Junior, joined the family business, followed by Fragale Junior’s son, Daniel Fragale, and later, Daniel’s son, Jake Fragale. “We are proud to continue providing quality, honest service for our community all these years later,” Fragale said” Read More