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We are your one stop shop for all things asphalt, including everything your asphalt touches. We provide the services you need to create your dream property, including landscaping and hardscaping. Reach out to us today for any paving needs.

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Landscaping and Hardscaping Torrington CT

Fragale Paving specializes in all services asphalt, but our services don’t stop there. We also offer comprehensive landscaping and hardscaping services to complement our paving work.  If asphalt touches it, our team can handle it!

Our team of experienced professionals can design and implement beautiful landscaping solutions to bring your property dreams to life. From the block walk way, retaining wall, cobble entrance, to the topsoil that meets the edge of you asphalt, we can create an outdoor space that perfectly complements your property’s architecture and aesthetic.

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Our hardscaping services are ideal for creating functional outdoor spaces that stand the test of time. We offer a wide range of hardscaping solutions that include retaining walls, paver sidewalks, brick walls and walks, cobble edging and curbing, and more. These features not only add to your property’s functionality, but also give it an impressive look for years to come.

Our Torrington CT based company can make both your asphalt AND hardscape dreams a reality!

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Driveway Layouts

Sometimes your asphalt layout is ugly.  The twists and turns don’t flow with your property’s natural landscape, resulting in an unsettling image to the eye.  We’re equipt to design, excavate, pave, and landscape the perfect entrance to your property that not only looks stunning, but last for YEARS to come.  Check out our work for yourself!

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Your All-In-One Contractor

Hiring different contractors for each stage of the paving project can result in information and tasks falling through the cracks. When you entrust your paving project to J. Fragale and Sons Paving, you won’t need to hire other companies for each step of the project. We offer a full suite of asphalt paving services, starting from excavation and paving preparation, to paving and sealing, to landscaping and hardscaping.

With over 65 years of asphalt paving experience, our firm is your number one source for all of your excavation and asphalt paving needs. Call us today for a free quote and experience the superior quality of our CT paving services.
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Our Services

We are a professional paving company offering all services from excavation and preparation to asphalt paving and coatings. We are located in Torrington CT and offer residential, commercial, and municipal services.

Asphalt Paving

We offer professional paving services including residential, commercial, and municipal. We do everything from driveways and parking lots to private roads and sidewalks.

Prep For Paving

Preparation for paving is incredibly important because asphalt is only as good as the base you’re using. If you have a weak or uneven base, your asphalt will not last.

Stone & Gravel

We offer multiple options for beautiful New England stone or gravel driveways and private roads. We can build beautiful driveways and even given you options to reduce maintenance.


We are your 1 stop shop for all things paving. Instead of having to hire another contractor to remove existing material, stones, or grade the area, we can provide all needed services.


If asphalt touches it, we can handle it. This includes landscaping and hardscaping. Avoid having to hire another contractor for each part of your project, we can provide these services! 

Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services such as seal coating, armor coating, crack filling, repair and patches. It is important to maintain the asphalt in order to extend the life.