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We are your one stop shop for all things asphalt. We provide the services you need from excavation and grading to paving or asphalt maintenance. Our company also creates beautiful stone and gravel drives and private roads. Reach out to us today for any paving needs.

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Driveway paving companies near torrington ct

Excavation & Paving contractor Torrington CT

It can be very frustrating to have multiple contractors involved in your new driveway and scheduling all crews can become a nightmare. We are proud to offer the necessary excavation services that go along with paving driveways and roadways. Along with removing your existing asphalt, we can handle your excavation needs. Our crews can install catch basins, curtain drains, shed pads, additional parking areas, and offer rock and stump removal. 

If you have an existing concrete driveway, we can remove it as part of the process. If your current driveway is filled with rocks or ledges, we offer rock hammering services and can remove it and grade it. Even if you have stumps or other natural materials in the way, we can dig up and remove these for you to build the new driveway. We provide the services that most contractors would hire another company to do. You can be confident in having only one company on site to excavate, grade, and pave your project. If you are looking for driveway paving companies near Torrington CT, then look no further!
Torrington ct paving
Torrington ct paving
Paving contractor torrington ct

Fine Grading

We offer fine grading services as well. Wondering what this is for? Have you ever seen signs on a dirt/gravel road that say ‘loose stone’ and usually a road grader nearby? If you have, the road was recently finely graded to remove any bumps and uneven surfaces and then compacted down. If you have a gravel driveway that has washed out or has ruts and bumps, we can make it smooth again. If you have a parking lot or road that has deteriorated over time, we can restore it back to a beautiful smooth finish.

Fine grading is an important step to a good roadway. Our Torrington CT paving company can re-establish a smooth finish to your gravel driveway, roadway, or parking area.

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Proper drainage is key to long lasting asphalt. If the base gets wet, it can cause it to turn into mud and mud does not bear the weight of vehicles. You must keep the base dry by filling all cracks and having the necessary drainage in place to keep water from pooling and penetrating. There are a few driveway paving companies near Torrington CT, but it is important to select one that focuses on proper drainage.


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Is Excavation Necessary?

Proper clearing and grading are the keys to a strong and sturdy base layer for asphalt paving. New land and old surfaces can require excavation. For driveways, old concrete, pavers, and decaying asphalt need to be removed first before a new asphalt paving can be poured. Similarly, untouched soil needs to be freed of any tree stumps, plants, or large rocks. If your area is not cleared, it will require excavation from our paving Torrington CT company.
Grading and excavating ensure that the soil is smoothed out, leveled, and well-packed to support the weight of vehicles and asphalt. A solid and stable base ensures that the new paving will not settle, shift, or become damaged in the face of heavy weather and use.
Paving torrington ct
Driveway paving companies near torrington ct
Torrington ct paving

Your All-In-One Contractor

Hiring different contractors for each stage of the paving project can result in information and tasks falling through the cracks. When you entrust your paving project to J. Fragale and Sons Paving, you won’t need to hire other companies for each step of the project. We offer a full suite of asphalt paving services, starting from excavation and paving preparation to paving and sealing.
With over 65 years of asphalt paving experience, our firm is your number one source for all of your excavation and asphalt paving needs. Call us today for a free quote and experience the superior quality of our CT paving services.
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Our Services

We are a professional paving company offering all services from excavation and preparation to asphalt paving and coatings. We are located in Torrington CT and offer residential, commercial, and municipal services.

Asphalt Paving

We offer professional paving services including residential, commercial, and municipal. We do everything from driveways and parking lots to private roads and sidewalks.

Prep For Paving

Preparation for paving is incredibly important because asphalt is only as good as the base you’re using. If you have a weak or uneven base, your asphalt will not last.

Stone & Gravel

We offer multiple options for beautiful New England stone or gravel driveways and private roads. We can build beautiful driveways and even given you options to reduce maintenance.


We are your 1 stop shop for all things paving. Instead of having to hire another contractor to remove existing material, stones, or grade the area, we can provide all needed services.


If asphalt touches it, we can handle it. This includes landscaping and hardscaping. Avoid having to hire another contractor for each part of your project, we can provide these services! 

Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services such as seal coating, armor coating, crack filling, repair and patches. It is important to maintain the asphalt in order to extend the life.