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We are your one stop shop for all things asphalt. We provide the services you need from excavation and grading to paving or asphalt maintenance. Our company also creates beautiful stone and gravel drives and private roads. Reach out to us today for any paving needs.

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Our asphalt paving services include:

Driveways, Parking lots, Roadways, Curbing, Aprons, Sidewalks, Stamped sidewalks, Street print

Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Every paving job is unique and requires the same actions to ensure a long-lasting product. We start with a free site visit and estimate to find the best solution for your project. Our team has decades of experience and can help you find the most cost-effective solutions that look good and last a long time. Pair that with the best crews and equipment, we can consistently deliver a quality service for our customers.
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Print & Stamping

Add the brick look to your paving project without the ‘real brick’ price. We have been adding these asphalt stamps for over 30 years! There are many patterns and colors to choose from that will suit any property. We can create numbers or markings in the asphalt for identifying purposes or design.

This step sets it apart from everything else you see and helps you achieve the next level. You can choose any color! Some of our most popular colors are ‘Brick’ and ‘Granite’. Have an idea in mind? Give us a call and we can plan your next project to your vision.

Driveway paving companies near torrington ct
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Driveway paving companies near torrington ct

Why Is Preparation Important?

It is really important to prepare the ground layer where the asphalt will be poured onto, otherwise referred to as the base. Base preparation is crucial in ensuring pavements’ performance and longevity. If the base is poorly constructed, you won’t only get the strength you need, and cracks will form in the asphalt. As the water freezes and thaws, those cracks will continue to grow, and your investment will feel like it’s going down the drain.
Driveway paving companies near torrington ct
If you’re looking for reliable driveway paving companies near Torrington, CT, J. Fragale and Sons Paving is the place to go! From residential and commercial paving, to municipal paving, we’ve been satisfying the asphalt paving needs of our clients for decades.
To ensure a stable and more durable base, we advise the installation of 12-inch processed gravel for residential driveways. For commercial properties, our team of experts can overlay the current blacktop.
From milling and reclaiming, to handling drainage and utility problems, you can expect exceptional service from your premier paving contractor in Torrington, CT. Simply give us a call, so we can have a site visit and provide the best solutions for you!
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Why the Cheapest Option Is Not Always the Best Option

As a homeowner or business owner, sometimes you want to pick the cheapest option to save some money. However, this includes several risks and can even cost you more money in the long run.
With substandard preparation and installation, you can’t trust the asphalt’s durability. Thus, you’ll likely suffer from costly repairs and additional fees. At J. Fragale and Sons Paving, we take every asphalt paving job seriously and ensure top-quality Torrington CT paving at reasonable rates.
From performing a thorough site inspection to using cutting-edge materials and methods, there’s a reason we’ve been in the business for over six decades. Get a free quote today and start maximizing your asphalt investment!
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CT Paving Services

Our Services

We are a professional paving company offering all services from excavation and preparation to asphalt paving and coatings. We are located in Torrington CT and offer residential, commercial, and municipal services.

Asphalt Paving

We offer professional paving services including residential, commercial, and municipal. We do everything from driveways and parking lots to private roads and sidewalks.

Prep For Paving

Preparation for paving is incredibly important because asphalt is only as good as the base you’re using. If you have a weak or uneven base, your asphalt will not last.

Stone & Gravel

We offer multiple options for beautiful New England stone or gravel driveways and private roads. We can build beautiful driveways and even given you options to reduce maintenance.


We are your 1 stop shop for all things paving. Instead of having to hire another contractor to remove existing material, stones, or grade the area, we can provide all needed services.


If asphalt touches it, we can handle it. This includes landscaping and hardscaping. Avoid having to hire another contractor for each part of your project, we can provide these services!  

Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services such as seal coating, armor coating, crack filling, repair and patches. It is important to maintain the asphalt in order to extend the life.