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We are your one stop shop for all things asphalt. We provide the services you need from excavation and grading to paving or asphalt maintenance. Our company also creates beautiful stone and gravel drives for your home or private road. Reach out to us today for any paving needs.

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We provide maintenance services for your asphalt such as crack filling, seal coating, armor coating, patches and repair. It is important to maintain your asphalt to help preserve it and make it last as long as possible. If you are looking to extend the life of your blacktop with a paving contractor Torrington CT based, then let us help you maintain it. Call us today to discuss your options.


Crack Filling

Filling cracks is crucial to keep water out and lengthen the life span. If water can penetrate the pavement and get through to the base layer it will freeze and cause the pavement to heave. When the ground thaws the pavement will fall and lay unevenly now. This process creates larger cracks and deteriorates the asphalt over time.
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Proper drainage is key to long lasting asphalt. If the base gets wet, it can cause it to turn into mud and mud does not bear the weight of vehicles. You must keep the base dry by filling all cracks and having the necessary drainage in place to keep water from pooling and penetrating. There are a few driveway paving companies near Torrington CT, but it is important to select one that focuses on proper drainage.


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Seal Coating

Seal coating fills up small voids in the asphalt that appear over time. Usually, 4-5 years after a driveway is paved you will start to see the natural color of the stone. Once you can see the black wearing off and notice the color of the stones, seal coating is required. This coating helps water shed off the driveway which will preserve the lifespan. The coating smooths the surface so the water rolls off whereas the developing rough surface will retain water and allow it to pool and penetrate. Seal coating protects and extends the life of your asphalt, contact us today to set up an appointment with our paving Torrington CT company.
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Armor Coating

If you like the look of stone driveways but don’t want the maintenance of a stone driveway, then this is the perfect option for you. Armor Coating is a popular “New England look” style driveway that also provides protection to your underlying asphalt. During this process, we spray hot oil onto the cured asphalt and then lay down stone. This is essentially sealing the asphalt and adding a layer of protection while adding character. It gives a beautiful stone look without having to work about the maintenance that comes with stone and gravel driveways. Allow our Torrington ct paving company to provide you with a beautiful driveway.
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Patches & Repairs

Asphalt surfaces that have problems need to be repaired immediately. One of the most common procedures we apply for CT paving is called patching, which is an approach used to address damaged areas on asphalt roads.

Performing regular maintenance on asphalt surfaces is vital in order to keep these areas durable. It also ensures that the asphalt will last a long time.

Improper upkeep or a lack thereof can lead to the asphalt experiencing premature erosion, which could eventually cause accidents for both drivers and pedestrians.

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Our Services

We are a professional paving company offering all services from excavation and preparation to asphalt paving and coatings. We are located in Torrington CT and offer residential, commercial, and municipal services.

Asphalt Paving

We offer professional paving services including residential, commercial, and municipal. We do everything from driveways and parking lots to private roads and sidewalks.

Prep For Paving

Preparation for paving is incredibly important because asphalt is only as good as the base you’re using. If you have a weak or uneven base, your asphalt will not last.

Stone & Gravel

We offer multiple options for beautiful New England stone or gravel driveways and private roads. We can build beautiful driveways and even given you options to reduce maintenance.


We are your 1 stop shop for all things paving. Instead of having to hire another contractor to remove existing material, stones, or grade the area, we can provide all needed services.


If asphalt touches it, we can handle it. This includes landscaping and hardscaping. Avoid having to hire another contractor for each part of your project, we can provide these services!

Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services such as seal coating, armor coating, crack filling, repair and patches. It is important to maintain the asphalt in order to extend the life.